Dear all,

We are only a few days away from BPM 2019 in Vienna! We are all very excited to welcome you on the WU Campus in Vienna. Here are 12 things that you need to know as a participant:

  1. How is the weather?
    The weather will be changing from warm (27 degrees) to cold (18 degrees) in the week of the conference (weather). There is no need to bring an umbrella, because we have a small BPM umbrella in the conference bag for each of you. Rooms at WU have air conditioning. Expect between 20 and 24 degrees inside.
  2. Where to find WU?
    The conference takes place at WU Vienna Campus. Please see here for directions. If you come directly from the airport, you can get a taxi at the exit (still inside the airport building) at a fixed rate of ~35 EUR. This takes ~20min to WU if traffic is fine. Also the train S7 is convenient which goes straight to Praterstern (~4 EUR taking ~35min). If your hotel is in the city, take the U2 up to the stop Messe/Prater and follow the directions for “Wirtschaftsuniversität”.
  3. Where is BPM on campus?
    You find us on MON in the rusty TC Building and TUE to THU in the futuristic LC Building. See here for map and photos. The registration desk is inside of the respective building. There, you will get your badges and be in touch with our team if you have questions.
  4. What to consider as a speakers?
    Some of you give a talk in one of the conference sessions. Please carefully read the instructions for speakers. Important: Windows computers are installed fixed. Bring a USB with a powerpoint or PDF. Projectors use either 16:10 or 16:9 proportions. If you are in a poster or demo session, best print the poster at home already. The next copy shop from WU is: Unfortunately, we do not have capacity and equipment to provide a printing service.
  5. Where is Program information?
    We do not have printed program leaflets – all is up to date in the Whova Conference app and on the website. Carefully check the program for each day in the morning.
  6. Where are the social events?
    Mind that you have to go by yourselves to the social events on MON, TUE and THU. On WED, there are busses from the campus. On MON take the U2 to Schottentor, on TUE the U2 to Rathaus. On THU, it is a walk from the campus. See here.
  7. How to use the conference app?
    Use the conference app on your mobile phone. It not only helps to find your way and to browse the agenda. You also get help and can share experiences with other conference participants. App instructions are here. The log-in code is bpm2019vienna
  8. Why to register already at 8:00?
    If you want print proceedings, be the first at the registration desk. We also follow a strategy of sharing the proceedings electronically. You can freely access them here already now. Still, we got a few print copies from Springer. We give 30 LNCS volumes away both on MON at 8:00 and TUE at 8:00 to the first persons at the registration desk.
  9. How to connect to the internet?
    Wifi is available on the WU Campus. Either use Eduroam or the network called “wu-conference” with the access credentials
    Username: wu0018
    Password: Xi7bu)smo3
  10. Where is BPM on social media?
    Join the online discussions on twitter, LinkedIn and in the conference app. Use the hashtag #BPM2019. If you want to share your slides as a speaker, share the link on twitter with this hashtag.
  11. Where to work?
    BPM is great, but some will have to work during the conference. You can find open study areas and student lounges on campus. There are chairs and tables and also power plugs. Find directions here. These spaces are also good if you want to meet a colleague for a private conversation.
  12. Is there a power plug only for me?
    Finally, here comes the disappointment. We do not have separate power plugs for all 400 and something participants. If you plan to use your laptop, make sure it is fully charged when you arrive in the morning. Best charge it in one of the study areas described in Point 9).

We wish you safe travels and see you soon at BPM 2019 in Vienna!

The WU and Uni Vienna Organization Team