To accommodate for this diversity, the BPM conference introduced a new structure since the 2018 conference in Sydney. This structure is based on three tracks that cover not only different phenomena of interest and research methods but, consequently, also different evaluation criteria:

  • Track I covers theoretical foundations,
  • Track II engineering and
  • Track III management.

To implement this structure, each track has a dedicated track chair and a dedicated program committee. The track chairs, together with a consolidation chair, are responsible for the scientific program. Through this structure we aim to broaden the BPM community and position the BPM conference as a forum for all aspects of the broad business process management discipline. Please refer to the essay by Weske, Montali, Weber and vom Brocke on experiences with track structure in 2018.

Beyond the three tracks of the main conference, BPM 2019 includes the following program components:

  • The industry Track to present practical insights and experiences on BPM,
  • the Blockchain Forum to cover topics that touch this technology and BPM,
  • the Central Eastern European Forum to showcase BPM in this region,
  • the Demonstration Track to present innovative tools and prototypes,
  • the Doctoral Consortium to tutor PhD students,
  • Tutorials to teach recent BPM topics,
  • various Workshops to discuss emerging BPM-related topics.