The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. The ultimate goal of data science techniques is not to collect more data, but to extract knowledge and insights from existing data in various forms. For analyzing and improving processes, event data is the main source of information. In recent years, a new discipline has emerged combining traditional process analysis and data-centric analysis: Process-Oriented Data Science (PODS). The interdisciplinary nature of this new research area has resulted in its application for the analysis of processes in different domains such as education, finances, and especially healthcare.

The International Workshop on Process-Oriented Data Science for Healthcare 2019 (PODS4H19) aims at providing a high-quality forum for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners (both data/process analysts and medical audience) to exchange research findings and ideas on healthcare process analysis techniques and practices. PODS4H research includes a wide range of topics from process mining techniques adapted for healthcare processes, to practical issues related to the implementation of PODS methodologies in healthcare centers’ analysis units.

This workshop is an initiative of the Process-Oriented Data Science for Healthcare Alliance.
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