The Fourth International Workshop on Process Querying (PQ 2019) aims to provide a high-quality forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange research findings and ideas on methods and practices in the area of process analysis, management, and querying.

Process querying studies (automated) methods, techniques, and tools for managing, e.g., filtering, inquiring, manipulating, or updating, models that describe observed and/or envisioned processes, and relationships between the processes with the ultimate goal of converting process-related information into decision-making capabilities. Process querying research spans a range of topics from theoretical studies of algorithms and the limits of computability of process querying techniques to practical issues of implementing process querying technologies in software. Process querying techniques have broad application in Business Process Management and Process Mining.

Examples of practical problems tackled using process querying include business process compliance management, business process weakness detection, process variance management, process model translation, syntactical correctness checking, process model comparison, infrequent behavior detection, process instance migration, process monitoring, process reuse, and process standardization.