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Agile enterprise means agile decision making on all levels to quickly react on changes in the world, and even be proactive. In IS engineering, it means greater importance of the role of knowledge worker who has an advantage over any automated workflow of being able to adapt to the situations.
Decision-making remains a challenging aspect in process management: process automation increases productivity, reinforces control and guarantees a minimal quality, while leaving no room for innovative and adaptive decision making “at run time”. For modern companies, this tradeoff becomes less and less acceptable.
Empowering knowledge workers with tools and systems for efficient, flexible decision making wile guaranteeing that the resulted process will be compliant with norms and standards – is the important endeavor for both researchers and practitioners.
The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss theoretical and practical problems and solutions in the area of non-workflow based approaches to BPM in general, and Adaptive Case Management (as a leading movement) in particular. This workshop is aimed to promote new, non-traditional ways of modeling and controlling business processes, the ones that foster collaboration and creativity in the frame of business processes.

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